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This is an HO Scale lower quadrant signal kit, for use as a common home or starting signal.


The kit comprises an etched nickel-silver fret, brass wire and castings, and blue and red gel material for the spectacle glass.  Moderate skills in soldering and painting are required for assembly.  The kit can be assembled with an operating signal arm if required (a fixed arm is a simpler option).


Paint, glue, solder and flux are not included.  Full colour printed instructions are provided.


26' Timber Post Home and Starting Signal

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Such signals were in common use in many parts of NSW, particularly where protection was required for a simple interlocking, such as a loop on a single line.  Examples can still be found on some disused lines.  Some were still in use (though in small numbers) into the early 21st century.

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