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Welcome to the launch of Mechanical Branch Models!

Hello fellow modellers and Merry Christmas! I hope you are looking forward to the end of the year and a much deserved break.

I hope you find something on the site of interest or that you are tempted to buy. Mechanical Branch Models has been established to serve the needs of railway modellers who appreciate fine detail and like to push themselves to achieve higher accuracy and greater realism. It is also for modellers who derive satisfaction from the creative process of making and painting a model.

Mechanical Branch Models aims to produce a stream of detail parts to recreate the clutter and busyness of the railway, particularly in NSW, during its heyday. While my own era of interest is the early 1950s, Mechanical Branch Models will produce parts relevant to the past 160 years of the NSW railways as demand dictates.

The name "Mechanical Branch" comes from the branch of the railways that were responsible for the design, manufacture and maintenance of locomotives, rolling stock and water supply. But be assured that items from the Way and Works and Signalling branches will also be part of the range. I felt that "Mechanical Branch Models" was a suitable name because the railways really were a product of the mechanical age.

Please let me know what products you might like to see or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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