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Look out for some new products in 2020

A happy new year to everyone - I hope you've had some time for modelling in the past couple of weeks amongst some relaxation with friends and family.

I've just added some new figures to the website as well as now offering hand-painting of the existing range. These are painted by Ian Fainges who is a very experienced and talented figure modeller and, even in HO scale, they look fantastic.

The new figures include engine crew from c1900-1935 (when bowler hats and waistcoats were in style, before boiler suits became common) and a few unusual and typically Australian characters - a soldier, farmer, and two travellers. These will also be available as painted figures shortly.

In other news, a range of locomotive parts for detailing C36 class are in progress - this includes a mechanical lubricator, Cardew valves, lubricator manifold, staff exchanger and air strainer. These will enable r-t-r 36 class models to be superdetailed. A small number of 36-class were fitted with cast brass cab-side number plates. These are also in progress.

C36 Class lubricator manifold (NSWGR, ARHS collection)

C36 Class side view showing cardew valves and mechanical lubricator (NSWGR, ARHS RRC collection)

C36 Class fireman's-side view showing Cardew valves and mechanical lubricator (NSWGR, ARHS RRC collection)

Cast locomotive nameplate, for 3610, 3612, 3645, 3655 with roundup boiler. Only applied for a short time in the 1930s. (NSWGR, ARHS RRC Collection).

Another project which is near completion is the nameplates as applied to some C32 and C36 class locomotives in the 1920s and 30s. The nameplates are:

  • Parramatta

  • Yeerongpilly

  • Beaudesert

  • Wyong

  • Queenslander

  • Hunter

  • Hawkesbury*

  • Illawarra*

  • Carillon City

  • Canobolas

  • Macquarie

*available soon

Some examples of how these plates were applied are shown below:

3633 fitted with "Hawkesbury" name plate (NSWGR, ARHS RRC Collection).

C32 Class fitted with "Hunter" nameplate. (NSWGR Photo, NSWGR, ARHS RRC Collection).

3201 fitted with "Wyong" name plate in 1934. (CC Singleton photo, ARHS RRC Collection).

3239 fitted with "Beaudesert" name plate. (CC Singleton, ARHS RRC Collection)

If you are interested in any of these items, get in touch or keep an eye on the website.

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